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The owner of Spears Indi Theatre was a long lost friend of mine who I had known in the past from when I was on stage in theatre productions.
Near the end of 2015, I met up with him again when I was doing the lighting for another show, and from there I started doing lighting for his shows too. After the last show I did the lighting for (called Swan In The Attic), we started speaking about the company getting a website, and this is how this site has become a reality.

This website took some time to do but is full of many features. This website was also the first time I had made a newsletter. My favourite part about doing the website was figuring out how to allow the user sending the newsletter to use codes, such as {firstname}, {lastname}, {name}, and {date}, to work.

Link: No longer available
Start of Development: 05/10/2016
End of Development: 10/02/2017

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