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Oakham Garden Services is a small but professional garden maintenance and landscaping company based just outside Wellingborough, but provide their services within a 20-mile radius of Wellingborough.

I was originally asked to build them a website around September 2016 when the owners came round for a BBQ as they were friends with my mum. At this BBQ, they asked if I could build them a website, but unfortunately no longer needed it a couple days later as they decided FaceBook was all they needed.

I picked up development on this site again in May 2017 as I was given an assignment at college that required building a website. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to build the site for Oakham Garden Services, so contacted the owner to gain permission to use their photos, details, and name. They luckily agreed.

In the assignment this site was being developed for, I received a distinction.

To say thank you to Oakham Garden Services, please check them out as they provide a great service at a great value. Their details can be found below:
Mobile Number: 07745 428322
Email: oakhamgardenservices@live.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oakhamgardenservices

Link: http://www.jamesgedny.co.uk/unit28 (This was the first release of this website used in my first year of college).
http://www.jamesgedny.co.uk/college (This is the second and final release of this website, this was used for my second year of college where we had to have five peices of user interactivity.).
Start of Development: 03/05/2016
End of Development: 22/05/2017

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