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Home of The Jaffas is a gaming community who came up to me asking for a website, which I agreed to.
Personally, I don't think this is the best website I have made, however, I was given a drawn design which they wanted their site to look identical to, which I succeeded to do. Unfortunatly this site took much longer to complete how I had hoped, but this was for many reasons. Due to doing this site for free, I prioritise and build paid sites first. Another reason why this site took longer to do is because I had used this as an opportunity to learn many new skills within the coding environment. For example, this site was the first time I had ever made pagination, a paypal donation system, the avility to sign in through Steam, a gallery, an 'add more' button, and a forums.

As mentioned above, this was the first time I had worked with pagination, which was a struggle. Pagination is essentially when there are multiple pages within a single page, these are mostly seen on galleries where you can scroll through many different pages of images.
In total, I had written up a total of 4 different scripts in attempt to getting it to work, and this included geting stressed over figuring out how to do one single calculation, which turned out to be quite simple and could be wirtten in one line of code. Now I have got the pagination working, I have saved a copy on my local computer for if I need to reuse the code in a future project.

Another first was working with PayPal. Luckily I didn't come accross any errors when doing my research and trying it out, and luckily everything works as a treat. The donation part wasn't the main issue as there is a feature within PayPal that allows you to create buttons and generate the code, but the owners of Home of The Jaffas wanted more than just a button and so I had to figure out what and how PayPal transmits transaction information back to the redirected website. This was surprisingly easy and now the site has a 'Top Donations' and 'Recent Donations' section.

Forums are always seen as 'daunting' to a web developer who hasn't made one before as there are so many algorithms that are involved. After making a small / basic forum, however, I have now changed my mind on how I feel towards making a forum as their not that bad when you put your mind to it. I wouldn't say I'm ready to build the next reddit, but I certainly wouldn't say no if someone asks me to build them a small and basic forum!

Lastly, making an 'add more' button for image uploading. I had this idea when I did my year 10 work expeice at FreeTimers when I saw one of their employees do this one a site they were working on. What this essentially is, is there being a form to upload an image, and then a button to add more fields to allow the user to add more images. The more they click 'add more', the more fields they'll have (there are two images demonstrating this on this page, one showing one field, and another showing multiple after the button had been clicked several times). This add more feature was a challenge, but I'm glad I have finally got it working as I can now save a copy on my local hard drive for future references.

Link: No longer available
Start of Development: 09/02/2017
End of Development: 21/03/2017

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