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In my past years when I enjoyed gaming, I was approached by someone who was looking for a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) / MDT (Mobile Dispatch Terminal) for their Metropolitan Police Role-Play Community (for the game GTA IV).
I took this offer as I though it could gain my experience in creating websites for people, whilst giving something back to them (the website). Even though I did this for free, I enjoyed every second of creating it. The development took some time but eventually worked like a treat.
To explain what this did, it was a site for the 'controllers' to add/send information to officers in game to tell them where they need to be/what the call is about. This could be viewed on their phones (via the MDT console). Whilst the controllers had most control over the site (they were able to add information to people, set their status, etc), the officers had a list of buttons on their MDT which allowed them to change their status, such as 'Available', 'Enroute', 'At Scene', and 'Panic Button'. The panic button as annoying but amazed people; when an in-game officer pressed it, it started an annoying alarm sound on everyone's phones and on the controller's database to alert them that someone was in trouble.

a couple months after doing the CAD, I left the community where I later went on to join another one called Essex Roleplay Community as I knew a friend in that. As soon as I joined their TeamSpeak server, I was almost instantly asked if the community could buy my cad and get it altered for their group. I denied this offer of them buying it. I instead let them have it for free. This community unfortunatly shutdown it's servers as it's member count eventually hit 5, due to this all the files for the CAD have been lost.

Link: No longer available
Start of Development: 09/06/2015
End of Development: 04/07/2015

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